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Seminary Student Information System Features

Seminary Systems delivers integrated solutions for higher education.  You get a wide variety of powerful and user-friendly features.

  • Admission

Our admission module makes it easy to electronically track admission documents allowing your institution to provide applicants the best possible support.

  • Online application module to collect admission documents, letters of reference, and admission items.
  • Manage applications and admissions.
  • Self-service: Students can track and manage their own application.
  • Receive automated notifications when a student starts and completes an application.

  • Financial Aid

This full-featured application provides you flexible tools which allow you to organize and delineate financial aid more efficiently.

  • Define and manage financial aid for global use.
  • Setup courses for chosen programs.
  • Specify student financial aid.
  • View and manage student’s financial aid usage.
  • Create a custom financial aid for an individual student.
  • Multiple financial aid can be applied at the same time.
  • Course Set Up

This highly configurable system offers a seamless and easy to use course creation module.

  • Online course registration and payment.
  • Create, view and update courses.
  • Define course prerequisites and credits.
  • Manage and view instructor/s and enrolled students in a course.
  • Registrar initiated registration
  • Programs & Graduation Requirements

Mold and modify your seminary system to fit your programs’ unique graduation requirements.

  • Add new programs
  • Control program details.
  • Define and organize graduation requirements, credits, and courses.
  • Customize graduation requirements for a particular student.

  • Student Portal

Our web-based student information system software help your institution as well as your students manage records effortlessly through the student portal.

  • Add, update and view student records.
  • Students can manage their personal information.
  • View courses and grades.
  • Apply for admission to a program.
  • Register for courses.
  • View statement of account.
  • Make online payments.